SPEC provides multidisciplinary engineering and design services through our diverse team of professionals. We have developed a reputation for client-focused services and our desire to improve our client’s competitive position through the services we offer.

Project Management and Design

  • Project Planning and Conceptual Design
  • Process Evaluation / Optimization
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Project Construction Cost Estimation
  • Design Basis Definition
  • Process Concept Development
  • Front End Engineering and Design (FEED)
  • Detailed Engineering Design

Process Engineering and Design

  • Energy and Mass Balances
  • Flowsheets and P&IDs
  • Lab Scale, Pilot Plant, or Commercialization Engineering
  • Equipment Design, Sizing, and Specification – Fractionation, Batch Fractionation,
  • Exchangers, Rotating Equipment, Scrubbers, Strippers, Filtration, Specialty Equipment
  • Pneumatic Transfer System Design and Specification
  • Relief Valve, Rupture Disk, Vent Header Sizing, Specification, and Contingency Analysis
  • Explosion Vent Sizing and Specification
  • Pipeline Transient Surge Modeling and Surge Valve Sizing and Specification
  • Control Narrative and Operating Guideline Development
  • Process Troubleshooting and Debottlenecking
  • Hydraulic Analysis and Evaluations
  • Pipe Stress Analysis
  • Electrical Area Classification Study and Development

Civil / Structural Engineering and Design

  • Existing Structure and Foundation Integrity Evaluation and Modifications
  • Blast Resistant Building Design and Specifications
  • Pipe Racks, Multi-Level Structures
  • Drainage System Design and Specification
  • Civil / Structural Analysis and Upgrades

Electrical Engineering

  • Power Distribution Design up to 35kV
  • Protection and Coordination, Short Circuit, Arc Flash, Load Studies
  • Equipment Specification, Switchgear, Transformers, Motor Controls, VFDs,
  • Grounding and Lightning Protection
  • Area Classification Drawings and Equipment Specifications
  • Existing Power Distribution System Evaluations
  • Interface and Coordination of Project Requirements with Utility Provider
  • Backup Power Generation, UPS, and Connection Systems
  • Lighting Studies, Specification and System Design
  • Cable Tray, Conduit, Conductor Design, Sizing and Specification
  • Electric Heat Tracing System Design and Specification
  • Site Electrical Survey and Drawing Development Updates
  • Energy Audits and Conservation
  • Equipment Review and FAT witnessing

Instrumentation and Controls

  • Control System Architecture Design and Specification
  • Existing Control System Assessment and Evaluation
  • Specification of Communication Equipment, Infrastructure, Communications, DCS, PLC, HMI, Network Communications, ESD Systems, SCADA Systems, 3rd Party Connection Devices, Control of Package Skid Systems
  • Control Panel, Marshalling Panel, and Junction Box Design
  • Panel Layouts, Wiring Diagrams and Schematics, Loop Diagrams
  • Automation System Programming and Integration

Mechanical Engineering

Design and Drafting

  • 3D Facility Design and Modeling
  • PFDs, PIDs
  • Conceptual Schematics
  • Mapping and Alignment Sheets
  • Civil Earthworks, Foundations, Site Plans
  • Structural Steel Design
  • Mechanical Piping Design
  • Instrumentation, Control, and Electrical Design
  • Bill of Materials Development

Scanning and 3D Modeling

  • Survey Coordination
  • Site Mapping
  • Laser Scanning and Coordination


  • Expediting
  • Permit Matrices
  • Local Building Permitting
  • Environmental Permitting
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Air Permitting and Compliance

Safety, Health, and Environmental

  • Safety Audits
  • Site Incident Analysis

Fire Protection

  • Fire Protection System Evaluation

Procurement Support

  • RFQ Development
  • Vendor and Contractor Services Coordination
  • Quote and Bid Process Management Oversight and Selection
  • Award Criteria Development and Scoring
  • Purchase Order Development in Client portals
  • Vendor Supply Schedule Tracking and Monitoring
  • Purchase Order Closeout and Release of Lien Documentation

Construction Management

  • Project Execution Planning and Coordination
  • Construction Inspection and Support
  • Project Construction Observation and Monitoring Support
  • Plant Turnaround and Shutdown Support
  • Commissioning / Startup Assistance