Emerging Technologies

SPEC’s expertise in specialty chemicals and biofuels, our process knowledge, and our office proximity to major Research and Development zones, including a Nano Technology Hub area, gave us a natural fit to provide engineering solutions for clients leading in various emerging technologies. We work with the customer on the development of their bench or small lab scale concepts to design larger lab scale, pilot plant, or full commercialization applications. We serve as part of the customer’s project team to define and refine processes based upon their specific needs and outcomes determined during pilot testing. We work alongside industry leaders who are developing the future technologies which will drive our economy.

SPEC understands the classified nature of the work being performed in this area and all of our employees are bound by strict confidentiality agreements for this work. The information entrusted to us is kept in strict confidence in secured storage areas. Drafts and superseded documents are destroyed in accordance with the client’s requirements.

The actual scope of service depends upon the client’s needs and requirements. In general, our emerging technology services include concept development, basis of design development, regulatory review / regulatory requirements, FEED, equipment specification, and procurement or EPC.

SPEC can offer services for each stage of the pilot development cycle. We can provide support from project definition and process conceptualization through construction management and start-up. SPEC has also performed Independent Technology Assessments for areas within our expertise (chemicals, biofuels, plastics extrusion) for owners and third party investors.

Our customers include industrial and university research institutions, startup entrepreneurs, large industrial companies, and venture capital backed companies.