Power Generation

SPEC’s NY office is less than 10 miles from GE Schenectady, the birth place of power generation in the US. SPEC’s staff is knowledgeable in and has experienced with various types of power generation facilities. Although we have diversified into other specialties, power generation continues to be a significant area of focus, with cross over applications from our manufacturing and petroleum areas.

We have maintained an experienced team that understands the business, knows the latest process technologies, and has the background to develop and design today’s varying power generation sources.

SPEC provides mainly sub-specialty engineering services to power generation customers. These subspecialty areas include power generation system skid component design and 3D modeling, power generation system component mechanical integrity program management, power generator manufacturing and assembly system component design, system automation and integration, plant water treatment systems, air emission permitting, and air permitting credits.


  • Power Grid Generation Facilities
  • Independent Power Producers
  • Renewable Power Producers / Manufacturers
  • Cogeneration Facilities
  • Factory Own Use Power Generation Facilities
  • Emergency & Standby Power Facilities


  • Air Permitting & Compliance
  • Fuel Selection and Usage
  • FEED – All Disciplines
  • Utility System Evaluation & Planning
  • Pipe Stress Analysis
  • HAZOP Analysis / Risk Assessment
  • Plant Turnaround and Shutdown Support
  • Project Construction Cost Estimation
  • Local and Environmental Permitting
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Procurement Support
  • Construction Management
  • EPC
  • Commissioning / Startup Assistance
  • Automation System Programming & Integration