New Rail Car Unloading

SPEC provided multidisciplined engineering services (process, mechanical, civil, electrical) for unloading of ethanol and asphalt at a storage tank facility. The client required a backup unloading facility to supplement the existing marine unloading facility. SPEC designed the mechanical and civil portion of the rail unloading area. SPEC designed a new NG fired hot oil heater and hot oil heat tracing of the new asphalt piping. The rail car also required steam for offloading of asphalt. SPEC specified a new pre-engineered metal building to house a new steam supply system. SPEC designed a new steam generator utilizing the hot oil system, de-aerator, water treatment, blow down, etc. for the new steam system. Ethanol rail car unloading allowed the facility to receive ethanol via rail coming in on 100 car unit trains. SPEC worked with a third-party engineer on the rail track design and switching.

Services Provided: Process, Civil, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

Client: Construction Materials Company

Project Location: Northeast, USA