Professional Engineering Services for LNG Facility – Liquefaction

SPEC provided Professional Engineering Services for civil / structural design of the liquefaction (LTS) elements of an LNG Export facility located in the Southeast, USA. SPEC served as the Engineer of Record for the structural design of 18 Gas Process Mega Module units (Approx. 175 ft. by 75 ft. by 75 ft.) which support the equipment, piping and air coolers for the LNG facility in a three level structural system,  18 compressors and their supporting structures and walkways, 9 VFD cooler structures, 18 cable racks, and permanent lifting device review for bridge cranes, Jib cranes, and monorail systems . The equipment was supplied by our client, an Oil & Gas Equipment Supplier and Services company as well as international third-party suppliers. We assisted our client by interfacing directly with third-party suppliers to communicate USA regulations and equipment requirements. We interfaced with the project EPC and local Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) regarding their requirements for structural PE-sealed packages for Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and local municipality. SPEC performed a detailed review of the equipment structural support requirements and in conjunction with the client prepared engineering drawings, basis of design documentation, technical specifications and calculation packages as required by FERC and the local AHJ. The scope included the structural steel and steel connection design, pipe and equipment supports, stairways, ladders, handrail and platform OSHA conformance reviews, connections / reactions to structural steel columns and foundations designed by the EPC. SPEC performed and confirmed design calculations using 3D structural software for the structural frame calculations. SPEC provided consulting services for temporary maintenance devices and their requirements for design, installation, testing and inspection per USA requirements.

Services Provided: Project Management and Design, Civil/Structural Engineering, Design and Drafting

Client: Oil & Gas Equipment Supplier and Services Company

Project Location: Southeast, USA