Tote Stability Analysis

SPEC provided engineering services for a stability study of a new 500-liter polypropylene tote used to store and transport materials within a clean room area for a Pharmaceutical company. The work relied heavily on SPEC’s previous experience with the Client and knowledge of the facility operations. SPEC conducted an analysis of the tote using the known geometry (dimensions, empty weight, caster locations, etc.) and conservative assumptions for any unknowns (such as the center of gravity locations) as it relates to the overturning stability during operation and storage. Both the empty and full cart scenarios were considered. The maximum safe force that can be applied to the tote without tipping it over was calculated, representing the condition of the tote being bumped into accidently during storage with the caster’s locked. The movement of the tote around a curve (caster’s unlocked) was considered the governing transport condition and the maximum safe velocity was determined. SPEC also considered a collision scenario where the leading caster’s hit an obstacle. The maximum safe velocity was calculated for this condition to prevent tipping of the cart. SPEC provided a report that defined the parameters of the analysis and the conditions required to maintain the stability of the tote. The report was reviewed with the client and SPEC provided recommendations for safe and stable operations.

Services Provided: Civil/Structural Engineering, Safety

Client: Pharmaceutical Company

Project Location: Northeast, USA