Ethanol Blending Services

E10, E15 & E20 Rack Based Ethanol Blending

Since the replacement of gasoline oxygenates such as MTBE with ethanol, SPEC has been designing loading rack-based ethanol blending systems for Clients & Facilities throughout the US. SPEC provided multidisciplined engineering services (process, mechanical, civil, electrical) for receipt, storage, piping & pumps for ethanol for blending with gasoline at the truck loading rack. Ethanol blending has gone through several iterations including wild stream and side stream. SPEC has completed stick built retrofits, skid-based retrofits and new multi-arm load rack skids for ethanol blending. SPEC has recently completed upgrading 24 terminals for E15 to E20 blending. The design utilizes VFDs to control pump discharge for E10, E15 or E20 blending without a reduction in loading rack flow rate. Ethanol systems included unloading of ethanol from marine barges, rail cars and trucks.

Services Provided: Multi-disciplined engineering, local permitting, environmental permitting and on-site construction support and inspection

Client: Major Oil Companies

Project Locations: Continental USA