New Vapor Combustion Unit (VCU)

SPEC provided engineering and design services to review and evaluate the existing vapor control system at a large truck loading terminal (gasoline, diesel, jet) and recommended the most cost-effective and timely solution for our customer to comply with pending EPA requirements.  This included assessment of current facility vapor loading rates resulting from truck loading operations, hydraulic analysis of the existing vapor control system and evaluation of viable engineering options.  Options were an upgrade to the existing flare, installation of a vapor recovery unit (VRU), or installation of a vapor control unit (VCU).  The ultimate solution was to retire the existing flare, modify the vapor control system piping arrangement to lower system pressure drop, and install a new VCU.  This approach required use of temporary VCU’s while the permanent VCU was being fabricated and installed.  Close coordination with field construction and terminal operations was provided to minimize impact to terminal activity.  SPEC’s scope included mechanical and civil design of the vapor control system piping modifications, tie-in to the existing natural gas supply, design of pipe supports and equipment foundations in a flood prone area, and generation of construction drawings and modified P&ID.  SPEC was instrumental in assisting startup and commissioning of both the temporary VCU’s and the permanent VCU.

Services Provided: Project Management and Design, Process Engineering, Civil/Structural Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Design and Drafting, Scanning and 3D Modeling, Safety, Procurement Support.

Client: Major Oil Company

Project Location: Southwest, USA