Recycled Polystyrene

SPEC provided project development, engineering, drafting, procurement, and construction support for the installation of polystyrene recycling equipment.  The project installed new pneumatic conveying equipment and support structure to unload trucks carrying recycled polystyrene solids into storage silos.  The project also included pneumatic conveying equipment, including hundreds of feet of piping, filter receivers, diverter valve, rotary valve, and automated knife gate valves, to convey and measure recycled polystyrene solids to dissolver tanks.  SPEC designed a new structure to contain pumps, filter/strainers and an extruder / devolatilizer to provide clean liquid styrene monomer stream to be fed into new production feed stream and to filter out and handle any waste plastic.

Services Provided: Project Management and Design, Process Engineering, Civil/Structural Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Instrumentation and Controls, Mechanical Engineering, Design and Drafting, Safety, Procurement Support, Construction Management

Client: Major Chemical Company

Project Location: Northeast, USA